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The comparison of the models

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Limits of Quantum Mechanics

Basically, both models (Mendelejew and Bettermann) of the periodic table are identical. The differences are the filling of the s and d states and the dispense with the completement of periods by nobel gases.

It is essential that quantum mechanics did not discover and did not correct the described differences as a solution of Schrödinger equation. So the Quantum mechanics has described the perceived (and desired) structure but did not challenge ist. The Bettermann- model works without the electron action completely; the movement of electrons around the core is not necessary at all for the structure of the periodic system. An electron, moving around a nucleus, was never be seen has seen no one or measured by anybody.

Because of the new model and its contradictions to the Mendeleyev model, it is doubtful if the old model is suitable for the description of the elements. This question canalso be extended to quantum mechanics, since the quantum mechanics support and confirm the Mendelejwsche model. It is also doubtful if the quantum mechanics is suitable to describe natural phenomena. Until now the quantum mechanics simply describes structures that are noticed by humans instead of leading to new consolidated findings; shown, as an example, by the periodic system.
One concluding question may be allowed: Quantum mechanics is a model that comes from the base that electrons movement around the core. This movement could never be seen or measured. The Bettermannsche model works without the assumption of the movement of electrons. Wouldn’t it make sense to give up the image of the circulating electron?

This work does not want to conflict the quantum stateof matter, but it is massively against the use of non-measurable properties of the elements because those properties influence the description of the phenomena of the elements extremely.