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The comparison of the models

The quantum mechanical states The periodic table from Mendelejew and Meyer The Periodic Table by Bettermann Discussion of both models The quantum-mechanical shell model The gradient term Limits of Quantum Mechanics

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The relation of the models

On the previous pages, setting and structure of a new classification system for the elements have been developed. Basis of the analysis are the properties of the isoelectronic series, which were described by Mrs. Lisitzin. In this section, the two models (the model of Mendelejew and of Bettermann) will be compared. The changes in the representation will be considered critically and it will be shown where the quantum mechanics did not lead to the right results but described the structure that was believed in.

Since the Bettermann-system is already described in detail in the previous chapters, only the necessary considerations for the following reflections will be mentioned here.

In the first paragraph "The quantum mechanical states" the four quantum numbers n, l, m and s are described as a basis for consideration of quantum mechanical many-body systems.

The chapter "The periodic table of Mendeleev and Meyer" describes the structure of the current model of the periodic table and a sub-chapter dedicated to each period. The first two periods are summarized.

The chapter "The Periodic Table by Bettermann" is once again the order shortly before newly discovered.

The chapter "discussion of both models" are shown fundamental differences of the models.

The chapter "status occupation sequence of the Periodic Table" is compared to the state population today accepted order of the periodic table with atomic newly found.

The chapter "The gradient term" know again the importance of the gradient term of the polynomial, which is described by the coefficient alpha significantly.

In the following pages the Mendelejewsche model is first described here, period by period. Then again briefly on the Bettermannsche model to then compare the two models together.