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The new periodicity

The coefficients of the Listzinschen polynomials The isoelectronic series The other periodicity

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The new periodicity

In the next three paragraphs the computed polynomials of Mrs. Lisitzin are studied.

. The first section 'The coefficients of the polynomials Lisitzinschen "again consists of three sections.

.. The coefficient alpha
In this section, the coefficient alpha is described and it is the new periodicity of the elements derived from it.
.. The beta coefficient
In this section, the fine structure of the periods is developed and presented.
.. The coefficient gamma
In this chapter, the coefficient is represented gamma

. In the second subchapter "The ranks of isoelectronic elements" found that isoelectronic series are described again.

. In the third subchapter "The periodicity of the elements" the new periodic table is presented.