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The substance that is presented in this work until now is a hypothesis that needs to be examined for its usefulness carefully.

A first step is the phrasing of the missing isoelectronic series for the sub groups of the 6th (lanthanides) and 7th (actinides) periods from the traditional periodic system. This requires more measurements which have to be examined carefully on their usability. Also, the currently known values ​​have to be checked because some of them break the mold of the quadratic representation. For the persistent elements, the presentation of the isoelectronic series is incomplete and fragmentary. It should be examined whether the persistent elements really behave as described.

Regarding the persistent elements there are no more ionization energies available, so the development of the gradient of the isoelectronic series is not reliable. There seems to be a change of the coefficient α in 69th element and then later at the 79th. Because this change is not clearly visible, I abstain from a description.

Another circumstance that needs to be resolved is how the two period models behave towards each other: The current one and the periodicy of the isoelectronic series. Both models should be checked regarding inconsistencies and whether both models are intermateable.

The classification of the periods into main- and sub groups and their accuracy of discrimination should be examined referring to the atomic shell formation and furthermore, which characteristics of the atomic mantles can be discharged from that.

It must be checked whether there are other atomic (chemical) properties, which can be integrated into the new arrangement.

Concluding, I am asking myself why such a powerful, describing instrument like the Mosleysche principle and the isoelectronic series in the physical analyses was not given more area to be left clear and furthermore the reason for why it was not tried to develop those describing structures further. One possible future trend for this model would be to try to evolve a geometrical beginning to be able to explain coefficient alfa.